Creating A Rigorous, Data-Driven Approach to Determining Recyclability

The Recycling Partnership is Calling on the Federal Trade Commission to Create a Rigorous, Data-Driven Approach to Determine Recyclability 

In comments submitted to the Federal Trade Commission on its Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims (“Green Guides”), The Partnership called for a rigorous, data-driven approach to determine recyclability, combined with accurate, transparent recyclability claims on product labels. The Partnership’s recommendation for a new standard of determining recyclability is based on its Pathway to Circularity Framework (“Framework”) developed in collaboration with leaders from across the recycling value chain. Under the proposed approach, to claim that a package is recyclable, it must meet the recommended thresholds for each of the Framework’s five building blocks of recyclability.


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Our research demonstrates why accurate recyclability claims are critical to maintaining consumer confidence and ultimately participation in recycling. The Green Guides need an updated approach to provide consistent national guidance for clear, accurate, and accountable claims that both reflect the current environment and adapt to the future.”  

 Keefe Harrison, Chief Executive Officer of The Partnership