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Henrico, CVWMA to boost curbside recycling program by replacing bins with carts

95-gallon rolling carts will be delivered to 90,000 homes beginning in May   

Henrico County is partnering with the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority and The Recycling Partnership to provide 90,000 county homes with “super can” recycling carts — at no cost to recipients.

The 95-gallon rolling carts will replace smaller, handheld bins currently used at single-family residences in CVWMA’s curbside recycling program. The carts will be delivered over a six-week period beginning May 15.

Each single-family household that is eligible for curbside recycling through CVWMA will receive a cart at no expense. Residents of multifamily communities that participate in the CVWMA program, such as townhouses and condominiums, will continue to use bins.

The $5.7 million cost of the carts is being funded in part by a $1.4 million grant from the nonprofit The Recycling Partnership. Henrico is providing $4.3 million.

With a 95-gallon capacity, the carts can hold nearly four times the amount of recyclable materials as the handheld bins. The carts have a lid to secure their contents and wheels to help users maneuver them.

At a news conference today, officials touted the carts’ benefits and noted how they will boost the county’s recycling efforts.

“These ‘super cans’ will help our residents recycle more of their cardboard, paper, glass, plastic bottles and other recyclable household products,” said Frank Thornton, chairman of the Board of Supervisors and Fairfield District representative. “They will reduce the waste sent to landfills, and they will reduce litter in our streets and green spaces.  This is another investment in building a sustainable future for Henrico residents and families,” he said. “It further establishes our county as the leading locality in central Virginia in terms of both recycling and environmental stewardship.”

Henrico Chief of Staff Cari Tretina said the recycling carts are a strong complement to other environmental initiatives, such as the installation of rooftop solar systems on county buildings and schools and the construction of county buildings to meet the environmentally friendly standards of the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program.

“Henrico County is excited to partner with CVWMA and The Recycling Partnership on this initiative,” Tretina said. “This county is embracing its commitment to recycling and sees it as an essential component in our broader environmental program. It is one more way we are enhancing the quality of life for our residents and meeting the needs of our planet.”

CVWMA Executive Director Kimberly Hynes pointed to the enhanced efficiency provided the new carts.

“CVWMA is proud to help bring recycling carts to every single-family home in Henrico County,” Hynes said. “In addition to increased capacity, carts will provide for a safer and more effective collection process for both residents and recycling crews.”  

Mari Long, community program manager for The Recycling Partnership, said the organization is excited to be working with CVWMA and Henrico on the project.

“Increasing residents’ capacity to recycle will keep even more valuable recyclables out of our environment and put them back into the circular economy, providing much needed supply for producers,” Long said.

Additional information about the carts and the curbside recycling program is available from CVWMA.