Paper is one of the most widely recycled materials in the world.

Its positive economic and environmental impacts on the circular economy are critical to creating a sustainable future. #KeepRecyclingPaper

$1 Billion

and counting invested by U.S. paper industry to expand capacity for recycling paper, including investments by Cascades, Green Bay Packaging, and Pratt Industries and ND Paper in the next 18 months.

18 Million Metric Tons

of CO2 emissions avoided through recycling paper by American Forest & Paper Association member companies. source AF&PA 2017

$8.1 Billion

worth of recycled paper collected, sorted and processed by the paper recycling industry in 2017. source ISRI 2017

3.3 Cubic Yards

yards of landfill space saved for every ton of paper collected. source AF&PA 2018

Approx. 80% of Papermakers

in the U.S. use recycled paper source AF&PA 2018

Top 10 Employer

The paper industry is among top 10 manufacturing sector employees in 45 states. source ISRI 2018

$46 Billion

domestic impact created by paper recycling industry in 2017. source ISRI 2017 For more information on how this metric was determined please visit or contact Bernie Lee at

Ways to help your program keep recycling paper.

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