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Meet Your Community’s Recycling Resolutions with These Tools & Resources

How are your new year’s resolutions coming? Regardless of where you are with cleaning out the garage, organizing those cabinets, or learning how to knit, there’s still time to help your community meet its recycling resolutions.

Our free tools and resources can help you do just that:

  • Personalize & Download Your FREE DIYSigns
    New year = new graphics. Whether it’s a recycling sign for containers in homes, offices, home offices, or at-home “school rooms,” this free online tool will allow you to personalize and download signs for what is recyclable in your community.Our latest update includes images with and without pizza boxes, and the tool no longer requires the installation of Adobe Flash. Simply access the tool from your favorite web browser to create more than 100 variations of signage to help improve recycling where your community lives, works, plays, and learns by using this free resource. Learn more with this video or start making your sign today.
  • Improve Your Website with These Best Management Practices
    Whether your community recycles curbside or at  drop-off locations, make sure your recycling website leverages these best practices. Here are simple steps you can take to optimize your website to create an information hub for helping transform your community’s recycling program.
  • Achieve long-term success for your recycling program by using our MRF Contract Guide
    A new year brings new contracts. And, the contract between a local recycling program and its MRF is one of the most impactful legal documents in the U.S. public recycling system.

Like all contracts, the best MRF processing contract is one that clearly recognizes and protects the interests of both sides and that results in an agreement that both sides would consider fair.

Check out our MRF Contract Best Management Practices report along with templates to help you write your upcoming MRF Contract.

What’s on your community recycling wish list? Visit recyclingpartnership.org to find free tools and resources to help transform your local recycling program: