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MRFshed Report

How likely is it that neighboring communities using the same MRF are talking to their residents about recyclable materials in the same way? As this new report prepared by The Recycling Partnership highlights, not very likely.

What are the chances that a community will have easy-to-find recycling information on its website? Again, according to our new report, less than you might think.

Of the 68 communities we studied across two MRFsheds, 41% did not provide any recycling information online. Of those that did, 60% displayed acceptable material lists that differed from their MRF.

Let’s use these insights as a wake-up call to improve how we talk to residents about recycling. More message consistency and easier to find online recycling information will translate into better customer service and better recovery.

Here’s the to-do list:

  1. Meet with your MRF.
  2. Talk to other communities feeding into your MRF and explore the opportunity to collectively agree on coordinated YES/NO messaging,  visuals, and consistent usage online.
  3. Update your website, with recycling guide front and center.
  4. Review (at least annually) and repeat as needed.