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PET Recycling Grants for MRFs and Processors

The Recycling Partnership’s PET Recycling Coalition, which brings together a robust group of stakeholders to drive improvements that transform the PET recycling landscape, provides grants to materials recovery facilities (MRFs), PET reclaimers, and other entities that sort, sell, and/or reclaim PET derived from U.S. residential recycling programs.

The purpose of the PET Recycling Coalition’s Grant Program is to facilitate a number of distinct yet interrelated improvements related to the circularity of PET packaging in the United States:

  • Increasing the capture of PET at MRFs, secondary sortation facilities, and/or PET reclaimers by improving process efficiency and reducing yield loss
  • Increasing the number of local recycling programs accepting PET non-bottle rigids (e.g. thermoformed clamshells, cups, trays)
  • Increasing the recycling viability of pigmented and/or opaque PET
  • Optimizing the supply of rPET by aligning rPET characteristics with end market needs

This granting program focuses on equipment and process investments that contribute to these desired outcomes.

Explore & Apply for Available Grants for PET Recycling

For MRFs interested in applying for a PET recycling grant, please review the PET Recycling Coalition’s Request for Proposals and submit a grant application to sdavenport@recyclingpartnership.org.

Learn more: The Partnership’s PET Recycling Coalition

To learn more about the PET Recycling Coalition, and how to get involved in supporting its goals, visit https://recyclingpartnership.org/pet-recycling-coalition/.