Recycling Pizza Boxes


New study confirms recyclability of empty pizza boxes.

Research shows grease and residual cheese is not an issue for corrugated pizza box recycling.

Navigating Pizza Box Acceptability?
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The verdict? Pizza grease is not an issue. Pizza boxes can be recycled. Pizza can not. Empty your box and recycle.

In 2020, pizza box manufacturers and mills came together to test how much grease is okay in pizza boxes so they can still be recycled. We took it a step further and created messaging materials to help local programs inform residents. Update your messaging with our free resources.




Pizza boxes are recyclable, however, approximately 73% of the community recycling programs do not have clear acceptance guidelines for pizza box recycling. – RRS Access Study



American Forest and Paper Association (AF&PA) member companies representing 94 percent of the total annual old corrugated containers (OCC) consumption accept pizza boxes. – AF&PA


We surveyed 1,400 people. Three out of four say they recycle their pizza boxes. (Read more here.) Of the residents who say they don’t recycle pizza boxes, nearly half cited grease to be the deterrent. A new study confirms that grease and residual cheese do not matter. Check out the grease study here.

Use these resources to help educate about the recyclability of pizza boxes.