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Press Release: SWACO and The Recycling Partnership Team Up to Make Recycling Carts Available in More Neighborhoods

This press release was initially published and distributed by SWACO News.

SWACO (Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio) is launching a new program to help any Franklin County community that doesn’t currently own curbside recycling carts to purchase them for only $22.50 per cart – a 50% reduction in price.

These wheeled recycling carts provide many advantages over recycling bins. Besides the fact they’re much easier to take to the curb, they also increase recycling volume, allow for automated collection to improve safety and efficiency, reduce litter, and benefit communities as they seek competitive bids for recycling and waste-hauling services.

While ninety-six percent of Franklin County single family households currently have access to curbside recycling pick-up, many communities still use small recycling containers or bins, roughly 18 gallons in capacity, for their residential programs.

SWACO will use a portion of the disposal fee collected at the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill to pay for the costs associated with purchasing the new carts.

Beginning this spring, 65 gallons or greater wheeled recycling carts with lids will be coming to more Franklin County neighborhoods.

SWACO will initially provide the larger wheeled carts to five communities representing over 38,000 households in Bexley, Blendon Township, Gahanna, Reynoldsburg and Westerville.

Thanks to additional funding SWACO secured through a grant provided by The Recycling Partnership, a national organization that connects communities with private dollars to improve and expand recycling, these first 5 communities will receive an even greater reduction in the cost to purchase the new, 65-gallon recycling carts. The new larger carts typically cost about $45 each, but these communities will pay only about $15.52 per cart, with SWACO and The Recycling Partnership contributing the rest.

In addition to purchasing new carts, SWACO will use funds from The Recycling Partnership grant to provide recycling educational materials to all residents around central Ohio. As part of SWACO’s ongoing “Recycle Right” program, these educational materials will include guidelines for what can and cannot be recycled in Franklin County to ensure residents are recycling effectively and efficiently.

While the Recycling Partnership grant dollars are limited, SWACO will continue to help any other Franklin County community that doesn’t currently own recycling containers, and that wishes to introduce or upgrade to wheeled carts, to purchase them for only $22.50 – a 50% reduction in price.

Franklin County communities interested in participating in the program can contact, SWACO’s Program Manager, Andrew Booker at andrew.booker@swaco.org.