Anthony Tusino , Director, Public Policy and Government Affairs


Anthony’s background is in politics and advocacy, particularly around environmental issues and plastic waste. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from The George Washington University in political science and political management. He joined World Wildlife Fund as an intern in 2018 and remained on the team for nearly six years. In that time, Anthony helped stand up the U.S. Plastics Pact, launched their positioning on plastic waste policy and created OneSource Coalition and their annual Plastic Policy Summit.

Why I Care About Recycling and a Circular Economy

“I care about recycling and a circular economy because creating an equitable, sustainable economy delivers positive results for local communities and environments. As a lifelong nature lover, conserving and protecting our natural spaces and iconic species is important to me, and as I’ve grown up, I’ve learned is also important to human health. It’s my mission to show that good policies can protect our planet for generations to come.”

Personal Passions and Interests

Anthony’s love for politics and advocacy extends into my personal life, where he spends lots of time learning about history and American politics. He also enjoys playing, watching and sometimes debating tennis. If Anthony is not curled up with a book, he’s curled up with a dog.

Personal Passions and Interests

  • B.A., Political Science, The George Washington University
  • M.P.S., Political Management, The George Washington University
  • G.C., PACs and Political Management, The George Washington University
  • Author, Circular Economy Policy Guidance, World Wildlife Fund