Chris Airhart, Chief Development Officer


Chris has an Industrial and Systems Engineer degree from Georgia Tech and started his career in sales for a small family business. He worked through North America supply chain, global plastics procurement and plastics recycling at Coca-Cola. Chris has also managed sales teams in oil & gas, recycled motor oil, and rubber compounding, then joined TRP to lead our revenue generation team.

Why I Care About Recycling and a Circular Economy

“I have always thought ‘we can’t keep throwing everything away.’ My kids deserve a better life and world than I have today. I believe, as a human, our role is to be good stewards with the planet we have been given…that includes long-term thinking and deliberate action”.

Personal Passions and Interests

Chris enjoys home repair projects (mostly for neighbors), anything outdoors (walking, hiking, hunting, fishing), local business ecosystems, and watching and supporting his wife with her non-profit Harts of Teal.