Cody Marshall, Chief System Optimization Officer


Cody Marshall is the Chief System Optimization Officer for The Recycling Partnership, a mission-driven organization committed to building a stronger recycling system in the U.S.

Cody has more than 15 years of industry experience, leading projects across the recycling supply chain. His background began with managing city and county recycling operations in Orange County, North Carolina, where he witnessed firsthand how to make a lasting difference in waste diversion at the local level. From there, Cody became a Senior Consultant at sustainability and recycling consulting firm Resource Recycling Systems, where he helped build The Recycling Partnership model.

At The Recycling Partnership, Cody leads a team of experienced problem solvers who provide grants, assistance, and proven technical resources to local and state recycling programs and processing facilities throughout the U.S.

Why I Care About Recycling

“At its simplest level, and the reason I care, is that it just makes sense to reuse or remake something instead of burying it in the ground. I want to do what I can to reduce pollution and conserve resources. The thing that excites me most about recycling is connecting the stakeholders in the supply chain to truly scale a more circular feedstock for U.S. manufacturing.”

Personal Passions and Interests

Cody is always up for live music and getting recommendations for good tunes. He loves traveling with friends and family. Cody enjoys ­eating good food and making wine ­– in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where he lives with his wife and two their children.



Contact Cody to gain insights on how to best improve your recycling program and how we work with our community partners to create change at cmarshall @