Craig Wittig, Vice President of Grant Implementation


Craig has more than 25 years of recycling experience in the university, local government, and private sectors. Craig’s experience has revolved around program management including residential recycling, environmental education, electronics recycling, public school recycling, and business recycling. Part of Craig’s work involved collaborating with a variety of end-users to market fiber, plastic, and metal recyclable grades. He now focuses efforts on increasing multifamily recycling for The Partnership as Sr. Director of Community Development.

Why I Care About Recycling

“The idea of utilizing resources again instead of burying them in the ground just makes sense. I really enjoy the challenge of figuring out how to collect, process, market, and see that resource made into something new.”

Personal Passions and Interests

Craig is a fan of U.S. National Parks, especially Yellowstone.  He also is an ice hockey fan and likes the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Craig and his family live in Bowling Green, Ohio.


Interested in improving and increasing recycling in your community, especially in multifamily settings?  Contact Craig at cwittig @