Dan Leif, Policy Implementation Director


Dan Leif comes to The Recycling Partnership after working in trade journalism for nearly two decades, analyzing and reporting on sectors including advertising, specialty coffee and solid waste. Most recently, he led the editorial team at Resource Recycling, driving content development for the company’s three publications and three annual conferences. At The Recycling Partnership, he’ll be leveraging his understanding of numerous forces within the materials recovery ecosystem — markets, local government, material processing, public opinion and more — to help drive successful implementation of ambitious policy initiatives, with a particular focus on his home state of Oregon.

Why I Care About Recycling and a Circular Economy

“Materials connect us as human beings, with the decisions we make about production, usage and discards affecting the communities we live in as well as those across the planet. Our society doesn’t pay nearly enough attention to the environmental, economic and social impacts of all the stuff that surrounds us. Smart action around the flow of materials can help spark meaningful change that benefits people and places everywhere”.

Personal Passions and Interests

Originally from the East Coast, Dan moved to Oregon in 2008, drawn to the stunning natural landscape and community-oriented culture of the Pacific Northwest. He enjoys backpacking, meditating, acoustic instruments and conversing out loud with his dog, Wally.