DeNeile Cooper, Recyclability Solutions Manager


From archaeological excavation to urban waste systems analysis, DeNeile has spent her career tracking material flows through societies to identify successful systems, innovation hubs and improvement zones. Driven by her vision for a more circular economy, DeNeile combines her experience in community zero waste policy and programming with her background in urban design and environmental studies to develop sustainability initiatives that are innovative yet achievable for businesses and communities. A current graduate student at Yale School of Environment, DeNeile focuses her coursework on industrial ecology, urban planning and sustainable product design as catalytic frameworks for building strong and collaborative circular systems. At The Recycling Partnership DeNeile contributes to the Pathway to Circularity as the Recyclability Solutions Manager.

Why I Care About the Circular Economy

“The circular economy makes sense on so many levels. Keeping our materials in use minimizes our impact on the planet by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving natural resources. It also improves quality of life by creating green jobs, fostering healthy communities and inspiring innovation. To embrace product circularity is to treat the planet, its people and its materials with respect and with care.”  

Personal Passions and Interests

When she’s not helping friends locate where to take their hard-to-recycle materials, DeNeile spends her time visiting museums, dancing ballet and taking urban hikes in her community.


  • Master of Environmental Management Candidate with an Industrial Ecology and Green Chemistry Specialization from Yale School of the Environment
  • Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology with an Environmental Studies Certificate from Wesleyan University


If you want to brainstorm systems for the circular economy, reach out to DeNeile at dcooper @