Heath Nettles, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications


Having spent more than a decade in nonprofit healthcare and public higher education marketing and communications, Heath joined The Recycling Partnership to connect cause, purpose, and community. Heath first learned about recycling from his grandfather, who recycled aluminum cans from across the community and donated the proceeds to an orphanage. Through this experience, he also learned the premises of reduce and reuse — values that Heath carried on since age four. As Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, Heath contributes his expertise to owned, earned, shared, and other channels, supporting education and awareness efforts, telling stories of impact, and using his expertise to advise communities in best management practices in the communications space.

Why I Care About Recycling

“Growing up, I was taught to always ‘leave places better than you found them.’ Recycling not only provides the opportunity to connect cause, purpose, and community, it allows residents to directly participate in stimulating our economy, keeping our communities healthy and clean, and decreasing our reliance on valuable natural resources, leaving our environment and planet much better than we found them.”

Personal Passions and Interests

Fortunate to call the scenic college mountain town of Mars Hill, North Carolina, home, Heath can often be found exploring the Blue Ridge Mountain ridgetops with cattle dogs, a treeing walker coonhound, and a golden retriever. Outside of The Partnership, he teaches management, business, organizational behavior, and digital marketing at the University of North Carolina Asheville and helps lead Madison County’s Racial Justice Coalition.


  • Adjunct Faculty: Western Carolina University School of Health Sciences
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor of Management: University of North Carolina Asheville


Connect with Heath about media inquiries or to explore best practices for community communications and social media, to share why #RecyclingMatters to you and your community and organization, and to tell recycling’s best untold stories at hnettles @ recyclingpartnership.org