Jessica Levine, Diversity and Inclusion Manager


At The Recycling Partnership, Jessica leads our diversity and inclusion program. She also leads The Partnership’s Recycling Inclusion Fund work to support recycling infrastructure equity, research, and leadership development for Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) communities. Jessica is a graduate of Agnes Scott College, where she received a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. After working within Agnes Scott’s Center for Sustainability in support of waste diversion and environmental literacy programs, she completed internships with AT&T’s Corporate Social Responsibility Team, focusing on strategic development, and Coca-Cola North America, supporting the Company’s World Without Waste program.

Why I Care About Recycling
“Through personal and professional experiences, I’ve learned that recycling is not equally accessible by all. I am passionate about understanding the systemic exclusion of underserved and under-supported people in recycling and being among the individuals leading and committed to addressing those inequities to catalyze system change.”

Personal Passions and Interests
When she’s not raising money to support the mission and work of The Partnership, you can find Jessica studying as an MBA candidate and training her eight-month-old Goldendoodle, Levi Levine.


Reach out to Jessica to learn more about the Recycling Inclusion Fund and to learn about ways to support The Recycling Partnership at jlevine @