Jill Martin, Director of Community Programs

After more than two decades of working for county government in Wisconsin, where she oversaw one of the largest publicly run recycling facilities in the United States, Jill brought her operational and leadership skills to The Recycling Partnership. As Director of Community Programs, Jill understands deeply the value of state and community partnerships. She has seen the impact firsthand from bringing together 65 communities in Northeast Wisconsin to join forces on their regional recycling programs and practices. Her experience and expertise helps communities across the county to build strong relationships and engagement with stakeholders, including partners and residents – ultimately improving recycling across the supply chain.

Why I Care About Recycling

“I care about recycling because the impact on people, planet, and resources is so valuable. I realize it is about so much more than saving trees. It’s also about creating jobs, improving bottom lines, and giving manufacturers important feedback—truly a system that impacts not only our precious resources, but also our beautiful humans and planet.”

Personal Passions and Interests

A true Wisconsinite, Jill enjoys Packers, cheese, and a nice cold beer every now and then. If Jill isn’t working on transforming recycling across the country, you will probably find her reading, camping, watching her backyard chickens, or hiking along the 1,200-mile Ice Age Trail through Wisconsin.



Ask Jill how your community can make a bigger impact through recycling at jmartin @ recyclingpartnership.org