Jordan Tony, Data Analyst


Jordan spent 6 years as a Sustainability Consultant in the plastic recycling industry before serving as a Support Engineer and Data Analyst for a start-up in the food sector working to connect small farms with their local customer base. As a Sustainability Consultant Jordan tracked and analyzed North American plastic reclamation data and worked on a wide range of research projects including MRF flow studies, waste characterization studies and recycling access studies. To provide data solutions he uses SQL, GIS, Python and is continuously educating himself on new tools. Jordan double majored in Biology and Environmental Studies at UNC Chapel Hill where he developed a life-long love of learning practical solutions to environmental problems.  

Why I Care About Recycling and the Circular Economy 

I want to do my part to create a more sustainable society and I see recycling as a large piece of that puzzle. Recycling is a practical solution and as the industry progresses it is becoming more and more accessible to most of the population. Not everyone can or will live a zero-waste lifestyle, so making recycling just as easy as disposal will reduce our society’s impact on the planet. 

Personal Passions and Interests 

Jordan and his wife, Silvan, spend most of their spare time managing their urban homestead in Pittsburgh, PA where they grow, forage and hunt for the majority of the food that they eat throughout the year. They love connecting with their community through growing food and helping others learn to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Jordan also serves on his city council’s Environmental Advisory Committee where, among other things, he provides guidance on their local recycling program.