Katherine Huded, Vice President of Recyclability Solutions


With nearly a decade of experience in sustainability communications and public relations, Katherine brings her knowledge of stakeholder engagement and communicating circular economy strategy among diverse audiences to The Recycling Partnership. From her work on sustainable product marketing at The Home Depot, B2B recycling communications at Novelis, and Smart City recycling offerings at Rubicon Global, Katherine has spent her career engaging diverse stakeholders in creating a more circular economy and brings that expertise to her work as The Partnership’s VP of Circular Ventures.

Why I Care About Recycling

“Recycling is important to me because it benefits both the environment and the economy, keeping valuable material out of our landfills and waterways and putting them back into reuse in the manufacturing supply chain.”

Personal Passions and Interests

When she’s not reminding friends and family about what is and is not recyclable, Katherine is out hiking or kayaking with her family and dog near their home in Atlanta.



Let Katherine know how you want to engage with public and private stakeholders in the circular economy at khuded @ recyclingpartnership.org