Kendall Glauber, Recyclability Solutions Director


Kendall brings over 10 years of experience in sustainability, program management, and cross-industry collaboration to The Partnership. Previously, she convened the leading consortium of companies integrating recycled ocean-bound plastic into their products – from laptops, to desk chairs, to bicycle components – and helped cities plan for the impacts of climate change. As the Circular Ventures Director, she is responsible for leading the successful implementation of The Partnership’s programs related to recyclability claims and labeling, with a keen eye on how to simplify the process for both brands and consumers.

Why I Care About Recycling and a Circular Economy

Living in coastal urban areas my whole life, I have found it impossible to ignore the relationship between our waste system and the breathtaking seascapes and natural beauty of the world, even since I was a kid. Getting circular economy right is key to a sustainable future that works for both human health and the natural places I love so much.

Personal Passions and Interests

You can find Kendall open-water swimming, paddleboarding, dancing at outdoor summer concerts, and cooking or hiking with her husband in Seattle, WA.


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