Lea Hensel, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager


Lea joins The Recycling Partnership with over a decade of experience in waste reduction, waste management, sustainability, and recycling, all focused on communications, community engagement, and marketing. As the Marketing and Communications Manager for communities, she works with internal and external stakeholders to craft, implement, and measure effective, proactive community media relations strategy and partners with community grantees to shape messaging and propose, implement, and evaluate successful communications and education plans.


Why I Care About Recycling

I grew up recycling. It’s just what we did. Through my career, I’ve learned so much about why. It’s reducing what we send to the landfill. It’s helping to improve commodities markets. It’s getting valuable materials back into the supply chain. And knowing that not everyone has the same access to recycling, it’s about working towards equitable services for everyone. Recycling is something we can all do in our daily lives to make a difference. And I want to help make sure everyone has that opportunity. 


Personal Passions and Interests

Lea lives in Iowa with her husband, two kiddos, and a rescue dog named Sugar. She enjoys reading, playing video games with her family, watching movies, and going on walks in their small town.