Lindsay Carbonell, Software Product Manager

Lindsay worked in software engineering and journalism for several years before starting at The Recycling Partnership. While in the journalism industry, she developed a strong appreciation for informing communities to improve their everyday lives, and holding people in power accountable.  

She is excited to bring her multidisciplinary approach to the world of recycling and be able to make a more direct impact on the environment.  

Why I Care About Recycling 

“I think to a lot of people, recycling is the ‘no-brainer’ on the list of actions we can take to build a more sustainable future. That’s why I’ve been surprised to find that we are far further from the ideal circular economy than I’d thought. I care about recycling because it’s something everyone can contribute to, and an action that can remind us every day that we should take care of our world.” 


Personal Passions and Interests  

Lindsay’s hobby is hobbies: she is always picking up something new. Lately, she has been reading home improvement books, dancing, painting, and writing poetry.