Matt James, Grant Development Manager

Matt has worked in the recycling industry coordinating efforts between recycling processors and local governments. He worked five years at the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality’s recycling office as a grant manager and technical assistance provider. Matt is a Grant Development Manager at The Recycling Partnership.  

Why I care about recycling:  

Too much energy and too many resources go into transforming raw materials into consumable products just to use them once and then discard them forever.    

Personal Passions and Interests: 

Matt and his wife spend their free time rock climbing, hiking, or watching Star Trek. Otherwise, they may be out at their local trivia night with their friends.   


  • Author in Resource Recycling: Reversing the Trend 
  • Co-author in Resource Recycling: Fighting Contamination Through Coordination 
  • Contributing Author in Resource Recycling: Twinning the Bin  
  • Board Member of the Carolina Recycling Association 
  • Master of Public Administration degree from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill