Michelle Metzler, Director of Community Programs


Michelle has 15 years of experience supporting communities, municipalities, and businesses in improving recycling practices. She spent over a decade working for WM, supporting cities in solid waste management, conducting research, and implementing data driven best practices to increase recycling. As a Director of Community Programs at The Recycling Partnership, she oversees recycling optimization and multifamily technical assistance programs. 

Why I Care About Recycling 

“As we work to be better stewards of our planet and transition to a more sustainable economy, we need to responsibly manage resources that have already been extracted. Recycling helps to ensure that we’re maximizing the use and value of our shared resources.” 

Personal Passions and Interests 

In her free time, you’ll find Michelle cooking, woodworking, and wandering the outdoors with her wife and children.   


  • Solid Waste Association of North America Excellence Award – Schools Education Program, 2017
  • National Waste and Recycling Association – Best Recycling Public Education Program, 2018
  • Washington State Recycling Association Recycler of the Year – Multicultural Engagement, 2018 
  • Webinar: Incorporating Motivational Messaging for Recycling Education and Outreach