Nick Truesdell, IT Specialist


I’ve worked in IT for about 6 years now. I actually have a degree in both Information Systems and Graphic Design. I used to work in digital design and marketing before pivoting more towards the technical side! I studied Graphic Design at Cleveland State University and received my Bachelors, and then I pursued an Associate’s degree in IT Networking from Cuyahoga Community College I’ve worked a number of odd jobs, from door-to-door ISP sales to construction and water proofing homes.

Why I Care About Recycling and a Circular Economy

I think that putting this planet first above all other motives is the most important thing anyone can be a part of. Not only is it making Earth a better place now, but it will also shape how future generations live and appreciate our home.

Personal Passions and Interests

I love board games, video games, and riding my bike at bike parks! I also play poker every two weeks with a group of friends.


I have two degrees In different fields, Graphic Design and IT. I was the first to pioneer and shape a new position of Infrastructure SME (Subject Matter Expert) at my previous company, and it’s an integral part of the Business Technology space to this day.