Rob Taylor, Vice President of Grants & Community Development

Rob has been working to grow public recycling for more than two decades, with experience at both the local and state level. His time leading public recycling programs for Orange County, North Carolina, and then leading efforts to support local government recycling across North Carolina at the state’s Department of Environmental Quality, helps him to see how public recycling systems fit into the circular economy. At The Recycling Partnership, Rob oversees funding opportunities for communities and works closely with grantees to set them up for success as they improve their recycling systems. Rob loves helping local governments improve the effectiveness of their recycling programs by implementing best management practices.

Why I Care About Recycling

“Through extensive work on the recycling economy in North Carolina, I’ve seen first-hand how recycling activities connect with sustainable economic activity. It’s really wonderful how recycling checks so many boxes, from greenhouse gas reductions, to resource conservation and putting people to work.  I love how our work in recycling can make such an impact.”

Personal Passions and Interests

You can find Rob with his family in central North Carolina trying to decide between hitting the trails on his mountain bike, taking a nap, enjoying a North Carolina craft beer, or rereading one of his favorite historical fiction books by Dorothy Dunnett.



Connect with Rob to talk about The Partnership’s grant funding opportunities or making improvements to your recycling system at rtaylor @