Sarah Kaylor, Vice President of Development


For over a decade, Sarah has worked with municipalities and major commercial and industrial organizations to implement programs that successfully capture recyclable material.  Her experience as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Balcones Resources, a recycling company that operates material recovery facilities across the country, has given her a unique knowledge of the investments in technology and education needed to level up our recycling system.  As part of the Corporate Engagement Team, Sarah brings an understanding of the critical part brands must play in driving the advancement of a circular economy through packaging design and the support of infrastructure needed to obtain recycled resources to use in the supply chain.

Why I Care About Recycling and a Circular Economy

I fell in love with recycling after I went on a ‘take your daughter to work day’ field trip to a landfill.  The bus broke down at the landfill for 6 hours in 102 degrees weather, and I vowed right then that I would do anything I could to help prevent more landfills from being developed. Recycling is my personal and professional commitment to land and natural resource conservation.

Personal Passions and Interests

Sarah is an adrenaline enthusiast and travels around the world looking for new experiences. She and her Golden Retriever, Little Bear, live in Austin, where she serves as Board President for Keep Austin Beautiful and coaches girl’s youth lacrosse.



To learn more about being part of our mission-driven solutions in building a circular economy, contact Sarah at