Wendy Anglin, Accounting Manager


Wendy Anglin is the Accounting Manager of The Recycling Partnership, a national nonprofit dedicated to protecting the planet by fixing recycling and activating a circular economy in the U.S. For over 30 years, Wendy has been the champion of executing analytical cost plans to reduce bottom line expenditures while increasing efficiencies over multitude industries: Construction (HVAC), Aviation, Hospitality (Hotel and Restaurant), Retail, & Wholesale companies. As an advocate for corporate sustainability, she has participated in initiatives such as Go Green office, community service volunteering and measurement of water, energy & waste. Her expertise in developing and executing processes and controls helped The Partnership bring its accounting needs in-house from a third party organization. She brings her analytical support and risk management background to the forefront of the Finance Team. She takes the lead in payables, receivables, and a multitude of bookkeeping functions.

Why I Care About Recycling and a Circular Economy 

I was introduced to recycling at an early age being raised in Upstate NY. It was a simple process of returning empty aluminum cans and plastic bottles to the local grocery store where they were purchased. And as an added benefit, a refund was issued for each item. What a concept to get people involved and participate in a recycling program.

In my current community, there is no guided recycling plan and the cost is on the advocate. I am intrigued by the Partnership’s guidance and training to increase the number of local community curbside recycling programs and look forward to a better environment. Reducing my own carbon footprint is one of my core values.

Personal Passions and Interests 

When she isn’t crunching numbers Wendy can be found taking hiking day trips throughout Georgia in search of the next waterfall. As a wife, mother of 3 and Grandma (Mimi) to 2 grandchildren, family time is what fills her heart and soul the most. Her Motto is “Collect Moments, Not Things”.