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Show Off your Recycling this Valentine’s Day

Have you added “I recycle” to your dating profile yet? Maybe you made it clear in your latest Snap or Insta Story that recycling is a must for anyone who wants to be your special someone?

In our recent study, 62 percent of Americans considered it a turn-off if somebody doesn’t recycle. Giving you a heads up for Valentine’s Day so your faux pas of throwing the empty wine bottle into the trash instead of the recycling doesn’t dim the mood for your special night.

Recycling Dos

  • wine bottles
  • beer cans
  • Amazon and other USPS/UPS boxes
  • cardboard boxes from flowers shipped in the mail
  • envelopes

Recycling Don’ts

  • candy wrappers
  • wine glasses
  • diamond rings
  • cellophane from flowers
  • cards that play music or with glitter or other decorations

Our study also showed that Americans value recycling and expect that companies producing products should make sure that their products are recyclable and that when finished, they are actually recycled. So, if you’re out doing some last-minute shopping for your honey, make sure you follow our dos and don’ts for Valentine’s Day and help do some good in honor of your special someone. After all, recycling is the new sexy.

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