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Ways to Show Your Appreciation & Highlight Essential Recycling Workers During COVID-19

Join Us in Saying #ThankYouRecyclingHeroes! to Recycling Workers in Your Community

Like us, we know you are grateful to those on the frontline of the fight against COVID-19, including recycling workers. In communities across our nation and world, nonessential businesses have closed, while essential businesses and services continue.

Recycling is important to your community, to our planet, and to our U.S. economy. To recognize the critical role our nation’s hardworking recycling and solid waste professionals play, we’re asking you to partner with us to continue celebrating and appreciating our communities’ recycling heroes, starting with your community right here, right now.

Take a moment to say #ThankYouRecyclingHeroes! Here’s how your community can continue to show its gratitude to and celebrate your recycling workers via your community’s social media platforms.

Step 1:

Consider whether the team member would be more comfortable with a photo and post copy or a video and how each may or may not fit with your social media strategy.

Step 2:

Obtain consent to video or photo your recycling professionals. Please be sure to follow your community’s guidelines on verbal/written consent or photo releases.

Step 3:

Document appropriate spelling of the team member’s name and capture the following:

  • First name
  • City and department
  • Job title
  • Photo (unless you plan to capture a video)

Step 4:

Ask and capture answers to the following questions of your recycling hero/heroine:

  • What inspires your work?
  • Are there interesting things you are seeing or have seen as you continue to provide an essential service to our community? (Thank You signs or notes of gratitude)
  • What advice or recommendations do you have for residents?
  • Are there interesting facts you would like to share about yourself?
  • What’s the one thing you want your community residents to know about recycling?

Step 5:

Once you draft your social post copy or have your video completed and approved, you can schedule it to Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. Be sure to use the hashtag #ThankYouRecyclingHeroes!

Pro Tips:

Ready to take your #ThankYouRecyclingHeroes! campaign to the next level? Consider these pro tips:

  • If you capture video, do so horizontally and post to Twitter and Facebook directly versus through a video player generated to increase engagement.
  • Capture both horizontal and vertical images to repurpose for posting across social media platforms, timelines, stories, and more.
  • Keep the video to under one minute to ensure it remains engaging and can be used on Instagram.
  • Spotlight new heroes and heroines each week.

And don’t forget, you can use our free #ThankYouRecyclingHeroes! posts, signs, and coloring pages to encourage residents to share signs, posts, and images on recycling carts and social media to thank essential recycling and garbage collectors