We offer companies and organizations a voluntary solution to the urgent need to improve recycling.

The Benefits of Partnership

  • We believe that together we can make a measurable impact on recycling in the United States.
  • Public-private partnerships to strengthen the reverse supply chain.
  • By partnering with us, a long trusted vehicle for getting good work done, it allows you to fulfill corporate sustainability goals.
“We fund The Recycling Partnership because they are on the ground right now, moving urgently to improve recycling by enhancing local consumer marketing and emphasizing data-based decision making.”

– Gary Wygant, Vice President Business Development, Coca-Cola Recycling
“The Partnership (previously CVP) caused us to expand our approach to education and provided a fresh, more strategic perspective. We went beyond educating our residents, to engaging and empowering them to make recycling part of their daily lives.”

– John Haasis, Program Manager of Saint Louis County’s Recycling and Solid Waste Management Program

How to Become a Funder

We offer companies and organizations a vehicle to make a meaningful impact on recycling. We provide an opportunity for corporate brands to be linked to recycling, but even more important, it is designed to make real progress towards improving recycling across the country.

  • Proactively supporting recycling – after your products are purchased and consumed – demonstrates corporate concern and social responsibility. We believe that just as important is ensuring that you get recognized for your effort.
  • Providing a national opportunity to show your commitment to recycling and have a real impact on recycling in the U.S.
  • Targeting markets and/or areas of special interest.
  • Impacting recycling rates of the various commodities of importance to your company.

Together we can build a stronger culture of recycling in the United States.
Please contact CEO, Keefe Harrison, at kharrison at recyclingpartnership.org or (864) 760-8828

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