Paying it Forward: How Investment in Recycling Will Pay Dividends

Our national residential recycling rate could double in a decade and bring equitable recycling to all.

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Improving Our Recycling System Will Pay Dividends

Recycling only works if everyone can participate and the materials collected can be processed. But recycling is not provided evenly across the U.S., and many packages currently found on store shelves cannot be recycled through residential programs.

$17 billion applied to proven recycling solutions will have immediate positive impact, including an economic benefit of $30.8 billion over 10 years (including wages, taxes, landfill savings, and the value of recyclables)

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The headwinds are significant, and as we have seen over the past few decades of attempted interventions, the U.S. recycling system will not fix itself. The U.S. currently lags every other developed nation in its approach to managing recyclables in the home.

The good news, however, is that there are proven solutions, the scale of the challenge is known, and it is all within our collective power to fix through dramatically expanded public-private partnerships and robust policy that provides sustainable funding.