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America Recycles Month – Free Resources to Celebrate All the Ways Recycling Matters in 2020 & Beyond

The COVID-19 Pandemic May Force Us to Rethink How We Celebrate America Recycles, but It Reinforces Just How Much Recycling Matters to Americans, Our Supply Chains, and Our Planet

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that now, more than ever, Americans view recycling as a valuable and essential service. Today, residential recycling is creating valuable supply for use in essential goods and products – including e-commerce shipping boxes, food packaging, and, yes, even the ever-elusive and rare gem of 2020 – toilet paper.

Each November, we celebrate America Recycles, a time to educate and empower Americans to recycle more, better, not just on one day, but every day. We know this year’s celebration is likely to be different from past year’s observances. And, even though in-person events may be cancelled, we’ve identified the best resources to activate residents in your community to recycle more, better on America Recycles and every day.

Here are free resources to inspire you that you can use to easily prepare for America Recycles – please use these as they are or create your own content to virtually celebrate recycling and what it means for our community, our economy, our supply chains, and our planet.

  • Updated Campaign Builder – create a better campaign with our free online campaign builder. This tool lets you take the reins to customize your recycling campaign. It’s as easy as answering five questions to customize your campaign materials to help tackle even the toughest contamination issues in your community. Your new promotional materials will highlight what’s accepted in your program with your community’s name and contact information. And now, the newest graphics align with our free DIYSigns for Recycling.
  • DIYSigns for Recycling – speaking of our new images for DIYSigns, you and your residents can use this free online tool to personalize and download signage to show where and what discarded materials belong in the recycling. Our latest updates include images for pizza boxes and the tool no longer requires the installation of Adobe Flash. Improve recycling where your residents live, work, play, and learn by using this free Know What to Throw resource.
  • Drop-off Recycling Social Media Kit & Website Best Practicesdownload free “grab and go” drop-off recycling social media images and post copy you can schedule today, tomorrow, and throughout the year to engage your residents to recycle more, better at drop-off locations.  Whether your community recycles curbside or at a drop-off location, make sure your website leverages these best practices. Here are simple steps you can take to optimize your website to create an information hub for helping transform your community’s recycling program.
  • COVID-19 Resources – throughout the pandemic, we have worked to assemble a comprehensive list of free COVID-19 resources, including blog posts, webinars, safety information, and a special social media kit. All resources are free and publicly available.

Has your community found a creative, unique, and safe way to engage residents for America Recycles? Help other communities recycle more, better: Share what you’re doing in your community in our Facebook City and County Recycling Coordinator Group.