Report: Increasing Recycling Rates with EPR Policy

Study shows U.S. states could expect an increase in recycling rates with introduction of EPR


Driving improvement in recycling behavior

The new Center for Sustainable Behavior & Impact

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Polypropylene Now Widely Recyclable

A new milestone for The Polypropylene Recycling Coalition


Complex problems require bold, integrated solutions.

Together, we are solving for circularity. The Recycling Partnership’s Impact Report 2022

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It’s Never Been Easier to Know What to Recycle

Real-time recycling information for communities nationwide

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Our funding partners make it possible for us to drive measurable change - improving the planet and people’s everyday lives.

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We're going from curb to MRF.

There are tens of thousands of communities across the US, and it is in these communities that recycling becomes real—in the homes, at the curb, and in the trucks.

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