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Research and Insights into Recycling Behavior Inside the Home Webinar

Recycling is a complex reverse supply chain that begins in the household, but there is limited visibility into what actually happens in the home behind closed doors. While we know approximately half of all household recyclables never make it to a materials recycling facility, nobody knows exactly why. We certainly have ideas of challenges potential recyclers face, but what could we be missing? That’s what we focused on in the Research and Insights into Recycling Behavior Inside the Home webinar.

In this webinar, local, regional, and state recycling coordinators and leaders learned from The Recycling Partnership’s research that if our recycling education and public engagement efforts are focused in the right places, we must observe actual home recycling behaviors firsthand and dig deep to understand the emotions and mindsets that drive these behaviors. The Center for Sustainable Behavior & Impact and guest speakers shared key insights on the everyday dynamics of household recycling including how recyclable materials actually flow through the house, how this flow affects the action to recycle, and is “twin the bin” the answer.

Host and Speakers 

  • Louise Bruce, Managing Director of the Center for Sustainable Behavior & Impact, The Recycling Partnership
  • Elizabeth Schussler, Senior Director of Social Change, Behavior, and Impact, The Recycling Partnership 
  • Alita Kane, Community Program Manager, The Recycling Partnership 
  • Asami Tanimoto, Senior Business Systems & Analytics Manager, The Recycling Partnership 
  • Tom Williams, Co-Founder and CEO, Point Forward 
  • Brandon Berry, PhD, Managing Partner, Point Forward 
Webinar Slide Deck

Resources Mentioned During the Webinar

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