Asami Tanimoto, Senior Business Systems & Analytics Manager

Asami brings more than a decade of experience managing, analyzing, and solving environmental and sustainability problems. She has a broad background in air quality, water, energy, waste, remediation, and green buildings and infrastructure. As a consultant, she worked with a wide variety of clients including municipalities, federal and state agencies, businesses, institutions, and industrial facilities. In all her work, Asami combines her technical expertise as a chemical engineer with her deep experience in community engagement. Asami is especially passionate about connecting individuals and organizations so they can share and collaborate. As a Community Program Manager at The Recycling Partnership, she oversees grants to communities and provides technical assistance, with a keen eye toward bringing partners together to enhance local efforts.

Why I Care About Recycling

“It breaks my heart to see perfectly good materials going to waste, many after just a short use. It takes lots of energy, labor, money, and often damage to the Earth to create those materials. Nature doesn’t do this, so why should we?“

Personal Passions and Interests

When she’s not home baking or cooking, Asami is out exploring the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest or catching up with friends.



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