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The Recycling Partnership Announces Additional Aluminum Recycling Projects

Aluminum recycling is a natural fit in a circular economy. It includes some of the most widely accepted packages for recycling, and is consistently one of the most valuable materials by weight in the residential recycling system, providing critical economic and environmental impacts when recycled. This is why The Recycling Partnership’s Aluminum Recycling Initiative focuses on capturing more of this material efficiently and effectively.

Earlier this year, The Partnership shared improvements to aluminum recycling enabled by five previously issued grants through this initiative and is excited to share four new grantees:

  • GreenWaste (San Jose, California)
  • Pioneer Recycling (Tacoma, Washington)
  • RDS (Portsmouth, Virginia)
  • Recycling Works (Elkhart, Indiana)

The Aluminum Recycling Initiative has focused on using its grant program to date to catalyze investment in sorting equipment and process improvements to maximize the amount of aluminum cans captured as efficiently as possible. And The Recycling Partnership is excited to work with these four facilities to improve aluminum capture and facilitate recycling system advancements, which is projected to capture an estimated 1 million pounds of aluminum, which equates to approximately 33.8 million cans, annually. The projected benefits of these improvements highlight the need for additional and continued investments to ensure a more circular system for aluminum packaging.

These four grantees join a growing list of facilities that have received Aluminum Recycling Initiative grants since 2021:

  • Curbside Management (Asheville, North Carolina)
  • GEL Recycling (Orange City, Florida)
  • Independent Texas Recyclers (Houston, Texas)
  • Rivers Recycling (Kilgore, Texas)
  • Marquette County (Michigan)

To date, the Aluminum Recycling Initiative has received support from the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI), Alcoa Foundation, and Arconic Foundation, with additional support from Cox Enterprises. To learn more about The Recycling Partnership and the Aluminum Recycling Initiative, including how to become a supporter or apply for a grant, click here.