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Recycling Behavior Change Insights Question and Answer Webinar on November 29

During the Motivational Messaging and In-Home Recycling webinars, you had questions. And there just wasn’t enough time to answer them so we brought back our speakers for a special Q&A Follow Up WebinarWe answered questions about how to unlock the secrets of effective recycling messaging and audience segmentation, help tailor your outreach to maximize recycling participation, and further explained the insights of household recycling behavior.

Host and Speakers

Host – Louise Bruce, Managing Director of the Center for Sustainable Behavior & Impact, The Recycling Partnership

  • Michelle Metzler, Director of Community Programs, The Recycling Partnership
  • Elizabeth Schussler, Senior Director of Social Change, Behavior, and Impact, The Recycling Partnership
  • Alita Kane, Community Program Manager, The Recycling Partnership
  • Asami Tanimoto, Senior Business Systems & Analytics Manager, The Recycling Partnership
  • Joseph Sherlock, Principal Behavioral Scientist, Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University
  • Lisa Ruggero, Assistant Director of Programs, Syracuse University Center for Sustainability Community Solutions
  • Tom Williams, Co-Founder and CEO, Point Forward
  • Brandon Berry, PhD, Managing Partner, Point Forward

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Resources Mentioned During the Webinar