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Unlocking Recycling’s Potential: A Workshop on Behavior Change, Habits, and Equity

The Recycling Partnership’s Center for Sustainable Behavior & Impact hosted “Unlocking Recycling’s Potential: A Workshop on Behavior Change, Habits, and Equity,” an engaging event dedicated to recycling program managers. We focused on imparting evidence-based best practices that are crucial for supporting and motivating residents to recycle correctly. Through our collaboration with Rare’s Center for Behavior & the Environment (BE. Center), we integrated a comprehensive toolkit designed for environmental practitioners. This event featured the innovative approach of Behavior-Centered Design, which merges behavior science with design thinking principles, providing participants with a dynamic and effective strategy for fostering sustainable recycling behaviors.

This introduction to behavioral insight, with a strong emphasis on equity, equipped attendees with the knowledge and tools to drive sustainable change in local recycling programs. Participants left with an enhanced understanding of program design and implementation, enabling them to address the barriers and core motivations specific to their community.


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